Festival 2013

Here we are - it's the 5th time that Recycled Creativity Festival welcomes craftivists and environmentalists, artists and activists, friends and supporters to come together and celebrate sustainable life practices. We are happy to see every one of you - musicians, artists, workshop facilitators, vo:kü masters, cake bakers, graphic designers, massage and yoga experts, writers and bike riders, helpful hands and free minds, as well as sewing experts and trashion queens and kings! Recycled Creativity is an alternative that offers us a participative and interactive experience, starting with its organisation all the way to partying - the festival is organized by a group of friends, but carried through by volunteers and people who support such ideas as reducing waste and DIY. Like every year, we wouldn't be here without the support and care of Wagenburg Löhmuehle's people, Loesje e. V.'s crew, Kulturlabor Trial & Error e. V.'s forces as well as the webmaster elektrischerwalfisch and our lovely hostess Niti Dingra. Thank You also to our everlasting volunteer power, that brings us loads of positive energy! Happy every day, dear recycling friends, but this time - let's celebrate the 5th birthday together!

Timetable 2013



7.Sept Recycled Creativity workshop @ Re-use Day
11-18 Uhr / PrinzessinenGarten, Moritzplatz
9.Sept Recycled carry bag sewing workshop
Make a carry bag out of unused fabric such us old jeans, shirts and other found and loved materials. You will learn the basics about how to sew a safe seam and adjust the bottom of the bag to your desired with. Workshop with Registration! More information: email@trial-error.org
16-19 Uhr / 4-10 € / Tauschladen, Mareschstr. 10
10.Sept Natural Deodorant workshop **CONFIRMED**
If you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin. With this idea in mind you can learn how to make a natural deodorant that really works and smells the way you like it. The ingredients are fairly expensive, therefore we need to raise the price! What to bring: A small jar (size between a walnut and a lime) with good closing to store your new treasure.Workshop with Registration! More information: email@trial-error.org
16-19 Uhr / Tauschladen, Mareschstr. 10
11.Sept Stamp making workshop **CONFIRMED**
There are several ways to make stamps out of recycled or easy to find craft materials. Corks, foam, Styrofoam... We put tools and materials and the motives are left to your imagination! Workshop with Registration! More information: email@trial-error.org
16-19 Uhr / Tauschladen, Mareschstr. 10
12.Sept Screenprinting
Upcycling textiles and clothes into with personalised messages as well as brainstorming and making stencils - that all is expected in the screenprint workshop, what takes place paralelly our regular Thursdays swap shop. We have screens, some colours and tools, come and print yourself happy! What to bring: You can bring ideas for the prints - visuals and nice slogans arround recycling topic, as well as objects what needs print on it! Workshop with Registration! More information: email@trial-error.org
17-20 Uhr / Tauschladen, Mareschstr. 10
13.Sept Cake baking action
**TIME CHANGE!!!** 16-19h
The Main festival day is free for everybody! To support little expenses from the organisation (Artists, food, transport, etc) we will have a cake sale at Lohmühle Wagenburg. We love the way cakes look and feel, so we make a whole event out of making them! We can provide ingredients or you can bring the cake ready to bake. We want to have enough vegan and gluten-free cakes! What to bring: Cake tins, ideas, recipes you like.
aprox. 16-19h / You bring the cake!

Main Festival Day

14.Sept Yoga mob with Anya
12-14 Uhr / Görlitzer Park (in the Bowl)
  The Great Recycling Day
workshops, performances, vo:kü, bar&cakes, yoga&hippie-spa, kids playground
14-22 Uhr / Wagenburg Löhmuele, Löhmuelestr.17
starts at 22 Uhr / Location: Die Frühperle (Boddinstr. 57)


This Workshops will take place at the Main Festival Day at Lohmühle
(14.September / 14-22h /  Lohmühlestr.17)

Turn an old T-shirt into a Necklace

One of the easy and fun things you can do with all those old T-shirts that are not suitable for wearing anymore is necklaces and other fun projects! Bring an old T-shirt or use what's there.
Time: From 14h

Loesje Workshop

This year again we will offer the Loesje creative text writing workshop during the festival. During the workshop and together with the others you set free your thoughts on pieces of paper. Just come by and find out. You don't need to bring anything, just yourself and creativity!
Time: 14-18h

Open Source Recycles/Regenerative Design

What is regenerative Design (aka Cradle to Cradle Design)? What is the the idea of Open Hardware/ Open Source Products. And let’s combine them – a recycling economy for us all that will make us all MacGyvers! Background fort his workshop is the OWi Project. www.ooewi.de

Open source stinging nettle

Pesto with *Leila! I'ts about make things low-budget, low-tech, open source. We cut stinging nettle and mix it with walnuts, olives, olive oil and more. We get a healthy and jamjam-delicios pesto. We document the process and make an first upload, to spread the knowledge. Cause sharing is love. Leila is the 1. all-sharing-shop. You share your stuff in community. It saves money, ressources and place. Join! www.leila-berlin.de 
Time: 15h and 18h 

Headdress workshop

Very simple or very complicated we will produce headdecoration based on plastic garbadge. It can be little flower thingies for behind the ear or big complicated wigs...
Time:  14 - 17h


Especially in the vegan diet it was impossible to use fermented goods and the vegans were dependent on expensive products. Bu it is more better and cheaper to make fermented products at home than to buy them. This talk will reduce your bias towards micro-organisms. The content of the talk is about history of fermentation, presentation of probiotics, appriopriate living conditions of micro-organism, production of lactid acid and its effectiveness, symbiosis between colon bacterium and yeast, recommendation of future reading and offer to produce on one´s own the tasty samples.


The goal of the club is to cultivate lockpicking as a sporty challenge. It is against locking techniques which are all mechanical or electronical measures to limit the access.
Time: 14 - 19h

Upcycling Hocker

We bring the bases out of pallet wood and we will weave comfortable sit squabs.
 Starts at 14h

Noise memory workshop

In this workshops we will explore the physics of different noises by creating a noise memory using tetrapacks, plastic bottles and anything that makes a noise!
Time: 14 - 20h every 2 hours

Vokü-Kitchen for all

(14.September / 14-22 Uhr /  Lohmühlenstr.17)

15% of the food in Germany is being thrown away. Not on our watch! Whatever we can get our hands on, we will mix together and use for a wonderful meal during the Recycled Creativity festival. Berliner Tafel, different bakeries, the Turkish market on Maybachufer and the Berlin garbage bins are here to help! You are all invited to come and eat and prepare! Those of you who would like to help: we are meeting on Friday 13th of September to collect the groceries around Kreuzberg and Alt-Treptow and then prepare them into a wonderful meal. You can bring friends, a bike, a backpack and a lucky charm. For exact meeting places please contact blume@loesje.org


If you want to join the festival, or have questions, please contact us on:

If you would like to volunteer at the festival, please mail:

If you have specific questions about workshops, please mail:

Documentation 2013




>>> Watch all pictures!


This Artists will perform at Main Festival Day at Lohmühle
(14.September / 14-22h /  Lohmühlestr.17)

Pete and Bernie's Philosophical Stakehouse

Mix a questionable blend of British Indie-Step and Minimal Reality-Bleep, forcing you to dust-off your inhibitions and shower your golden slippers with excitement.

Dafne Della Dafne

One half of late night in squat bars is back by popular demand.  If you missed her a few years back then catch her this time round.


He is a one man folk syntpop STD infecting Berlin and Recycled Creativity festival just loves him!

Circus Roberlina

She takes pictures and DJs so smile when you dance.

DJ Blume

DJ Blume (dj flower), master of all lights is connecting tone with optics. Connected to the turntable he is mixing music and light into an exciting performance. If people in the 20ies wanted to see the latest news they had to leave home and go to the cinema because they didn't have a telly. If people want to see dj blume, they also have to leave home because such an installation they will not find there The performance will start when it gets dark!


tl_files/recycledcreativity_2012/content/locations/marker-blue.pngLohmühle (Main Festival Location)
Wagenburg Lohmühle / Lohmühlenstrasse 17 / 12435 Berlin

tl_files/recycledcreativity_2012/content/locations/marker-gold.pngPrinzessinengarten (Re-Use Day)
Moritzplatz / 10969 Berlin

tl_files/recycledcreativity_2012/content/locations/marker.pngTauschladen (DIY Workshops)
Trial&Error eV / Mareschstraße 10 / 12055 Berlin 

tl_files/recycledcreativity_2012/content/locations/marker-green.pngYoga Mob
Görlitzer Park  (in the Bowl)/ 10999 Berlin