Festival 2015

Trash…there is no “away”

Let’s throw the Recycled Creativity Festival 2015 - all ends meet beginnings at this trashy festival on Saturday, 26th of September. DIY workshops and experiments, music and performances, ku:fa (soup kitchen) and cakes galore - join the crew or show up on the spot!

Let’s catch the last summer sun, play with some trash, listen to others playing and learn more about healthy and happy lives. This year we focus on the cycles of things, reflect critically about the misconception of some mystical place “away”, where all our errors and temporary wrappings get sent, and we re-value materials, ideas, initiatives and the dear lovely human power around us!

Join the festival and be part of it – come and bake cakes, spread the word, help with workshops, swap some things, get inspired and spend some nice time in our yearly recycling celebration!

Entrance and workshops are FREE (but donations are very welcome!)




24.Sept Info & Crafty-Abend
7-10p.m. / Wagenburg Lohmühle
Cozy evening to warm up for he grand Recycled Creativity Festival (www.recycledcreativity.info) to get to know each other - craftivists and musicians, volunteers and organisers, tiny and big people, food magicians and community lovers, everyone who put their heart, soul and time to create this beautiful festival!
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25.Sept Community-Evening
6-10p.m. / Kulturlabor Trial & Error eV Tauschladen / Mareschstr. 10

Main Festival Day

26.Sept The Great Recycling Day
Workshops, DJ’s and music for everybody, DIY – express yourself with recycling, swapping & talking instead of shopping. Corner for happy children & relaxed parents.
2-10p.m. / Wagenburg Löhmuele, Löhmülenstr.17


If you want to join the festival, or have questions, please contact us on:

If you would like to volunteer at the festival, please mail:

If you have specific questions about workshops, please mail:

Need to talk to someone, call Ruta Vimba: +49(0)15781969196


These workshops all take place between 2-10pm at the 26. of september at Lohmühle (Lohmühlenstr.17 / 12435 Berlin)

Notebook Upcycling Workshop

By Loesje
In this workshop you will design and make your own notebook in a Loesje style! Come and learn how to creatively recycle Loesje posters and the unused paper bags into a practical notebook.
Time: 2-5pm

ReFashion Workshop with Bybaba, Bennelle & Stephani

Are your clothes looking tired and ragged? Upcycling is the solution! Learn how you can fix and rejuvenate them with knit-bombs, lace, crochet, beads and objects, textile graffiti and cool print. Experiment and pimp with second hand materials, scraps and lovely trash. Transform your rags. Bring something that needs a make over or use something from our treasure trash trunk.
www.bybaba.com / bennelle.com
Time: 3-6 p.m.

Edible Alchemy

EA presents a bubbling Bacteria Bar – sampling probiotic drinks – kombucha, water kefir, kvass and people are able to get info on Edible Alchemy and upcoming workshops and on fermentation in general. Bacterial cultures (kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir) will be available for sale.

Time: 3-6pm


The amazing Trial&Error's swapshop is leaving its comfy residence of Mareschstr. 10 for just one day- just to be part of this exciting zone at the Lohmuehle Wagon village. "Bring what you can, take what you need" - clothes, books, ideas, knowledge or some time, everything is welcome in this swap economy. Be surprised what you will discover...
Time: 2-7pm

Lockpicking Workshop

A workshop with sppoxe & friends, for learning to open closed locks and other closed thinking! All tools supplied - you just need to bring your sneaky curiosity.
wiki.ssdev.org/wiki/BerlinTime: 2pm until dark

Linoleum carving and printing

Carving on linoleum is an easy and eco-friendly way to produce multiple prints without complicated equipment. No need to build sophisticated tools or pay lots of money: come and learn to be more DIY! Materials and tools will be provided. Nevertheless, you can bring old posters, one-side-used paper and packing paper for printing. You are also welcome to bring visuals you would like to carve and print. Workshop will be held in English, with the possibility to translate in German. There will be a facilitator to give you some hints on techniques and create a friendly working space.
Time: 2-5pm

Plant swapping

Do you ever feel like something’s missing in your living room? Have you got the need to water something but you don’t know what? Or do you want the magic experience of a plant thriving, but you are still missing plant seeds? This is the place for you – come and adopt a sweet , graceful , good-hearted or proud plant or take seeds and offer them a new home . If you, however, can hardly go through your apartment without tripping over and cursing flowerpots – then bring the plant to our festival ! Give them the chance to find a loving home. Or if you have collected too many seeds in the garden or on your balcony, these are also welcome at our festival.
Time: 3-7pm

Making toys using craft models from Africa

Sadio Bah: I will show you all how you can make a snake out of rubbish - trash is fun!

Time: 2-6pm

PermaKultur INTRO

Lets discover together in a easy, funny and practical mode what Permakultur is all about! The workshop will be facilitaded by Joana de Melo Sampaio representing the Portuguese collective NEW LOOPS. N.E.W. LOOPS is a new organization working to trigger changes in our society towards a more natural, efficient, sustainable and enjoyable way of living. Its menbers come from various backgrounds highly motivated to develop, promote and apply transdisciplinary research and sustainable solutions involving environmental science and engineering, art and social theatre.
Time: 4-6pm

DIY Flowers

Join Roberta Petit, a hat designer from Barcelona who's interested in upcycling to get people concious about giving new chances to old materials. At this workshop, create flowers using your creativity, buttons and scraps of materials.

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Time: 4-6pm

Dumpster-diving * Foodsharing * Urban harvesting

What are the alternatives to shopping for food in the city? Discussion and tips how to do it yourself! Abundance is right here, and it’s for free! Earth has limited resources, and yet in the conventional way of consumption, big amounts of food end up in the trash bins. By buying less, each of us can actively help to improve this situation, raise awareness to the topic of food waste and also save money and live with less stress. These alternative methods also help creating a healthier urban social structure: getting the food together, sharing it with your surrounding, get to know your neighbours, make new friends. You can turn from a passive consumer to an active food-saver! Join us if you never heard of it, or if you want to get started, or if you have been doing it for long and like to talk about it and teach others!
Time: 4.30-6pm

Trash theatre lab

Of course we all know, that it is really important to stop producing unnecessary waste and depleting ressources. But in our day-to-day-life, isn't it just really hard to stop using plastic bags and coffee-to-go cups, to stop taking flights, buying cheap pairs of shoes and smoke just one more cigarette? Or to start another discussion with your grandma about this Nestle chocolate she just gave to you as a present? Usually we might tend to judge ourselves for not being able to do it better, but we dont take the time to find out more about the reasons that make it so hard, those inner conflicts that prevent us from actually changing our behaviour. The method "cops in the head" from Augusto Boals "Theatre of the Oppressed" seems to be a good tool to dig a bit deeper. Join Anja for this interactive theatral discovery about waste issues.
Time: 4-6pm

Wood Jewellery

from tree wood to a earring: easy, beautiful and wearable.
Time: 2-5pm

Pre-Event: Lock and Luck picking

Donation-based. A workshop with sppoxe & friends for learning to open closed locks and other thinking All tools will be supplied - you just need to bring your sneaky curiosity Pls email to register: email@trial-error.org
4th of september, 6p.m. @ Mareschstr. 10 / 12055 Berlin

Documentation 2015


All these artists will play at the 26. of september at Lohmühle (Lohmühlenstr.17 / 12435 Berlin)

Kindred b2b Kleiner Knochen

Time: 4 - 4.45pm


Loop station, beatbox and trombone.
Time: 5.15 - 6.15pm

Agnethe Melchiorsen

a singer and songwriter with a moving voice and a considerable talent for composing. Her songs, with both Danish and English lyrics, connect to the singer/songwriter tradition but also possess a jazzy vibe
Time: 6.15 - 7pm

River Rats

wo guitars, a bass fiddle and violin, the River Rats is a band that shouldn't be missed! Influenced by the melodic lines of Django Reinhardt, the dark undertones of gypsy music, the heart of French folk and the spirit of old-time-country, the River Rats produce a unique and lively sound that is sure to please. With members from Italy, France and the United States, the River Rats feature the sounds, languages and spirits of the Old World and the New. https://soundcloud.com/theriverrats theriverratsberlin.bandcamp.com/releases
Time: 8 - 9pm

DJ Zimt

cinnamon aka dj zimt spins hip hop, soul, RnB, funk, plus some beats in between. Based in Berlin, she’s originally from Sydney, Australia, which means if you listen closely you’ll hear some Aussie MCs in her sets. She has a healthy addiction to beats and is constantly on the hunt for new artists - especially female MC’s - to add to her collection. You'll find her playing at galleries and bars around Berlin from Urban Nation to Basement.
Time: 9 - 10pm


Loesje Berlin

The ambassadors of freedom of speech has been with the Recycled Creativity Festival since its birth. The collective, mostly famous for its international networking activities and black and white posters with positively critical slogans, are crafting posters on the topics of the Recycled Creativity Festival, taking good care of all the volunteers tribe as well as sharing their knowledge in an upcycled notebook workshop.
FB: Loesje Berlin

Wagenburg Lohmühle

At the ticking heart of alternative Berlin, Wagenburg Lohmühle is the home and an inseperatable part of the festival. Community living in wagons in environmentaly sustainable ways, it does a great job with community work, urban gardening as well as enriching Berlins cultural life with such events as jazz and punk concerts, film screenings, neighbourhood flea markets and more. This year the community brings the festival support with location, technical equipment and solar power, bar with refreshments and all other important things to make the festival happen. 

Kulturlabor Trial&Error e. V. 

Trial&Error is Berlin based collective of artists, cultural workers, craftivists, doers and activists. They have shared interests in DIY culture and craft, non-formal education, open design, reuse of waste and open source culture. They are looking for ecologically and socially sustainable ways to live in the city and to activate local people to participate. The area they are working in Neukölln has amount of social and economical problems due to unemployment, immigration and poverty. Trial&Error is one possibility for locals to take part in neighborhood activities and strengthen community in sustainable way. 

Vegan Cat

"The Vegan Cat" with Fay, is a Berlin-based catering service, already known for its amazing and tasty cakes, dishes, nutritious and carefully selected recipes, and all of it vegan! Some of them can also be found in the book "Vegiterran" (2015, compassion media) http://www.vegiterran.de/ In the Recycled Creativity Festival, with a crew of volunteers "The Vegan Cat" will make sure we all lick our plates at Ku:Fa.



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Lohmühle (Main Festival Location)
Wagenburg Lohmühle / Lohmühlenstrasse 17 / 12435 Berlin