Festival 2014

Here is the September again, so: here is the 6th Recycling Festival! This year the focus is on all kind of sharing: share the knowledge, experiences, the time with each other, share the work and our free time. Alternative living style means that take responsibility for the enviroment where we live, and we are engaged in shaping of our living area. In this spirit at the festival will be many FREE workshops which offer a participative and interactive experience, like make DIY fruit dryer, swap plants and clothes, there will be permacultural, lockipicking, and binding workshops, book recycling, and you can learn the daily strategies to save waste too! Take part in an art installation with organic materials, or get involved to make  Makeitpedia, to collect the knowledge about DIY practices, urban gardening, low-tech, self-sufficiency and upcycling methods, etc.! As in the previous years, we couldn’t organize the festival without an amazing group of Kulturlabor Trial & Error’s supporters, volunteers, many thanks for Wagenburg Löhmuehle's people, creatives, musicians, artists, graphic designer, vo:kü guys and girls! So – come and join to the 6th Recycling Festival, you won’t regret!

Timetable 2014



17.Sept Cozy Night
16-22h / Wagenburg Lohmühle
Workshops, presentations, music, art installation
19.Sept Cake baking
17-21h / Kulturlabor Trial & Error eV Tauschladen / Mareschstr. 10
community cake baking, with no recipes just creativity, from chocolate cakes to sugar- and gluten free

Main Festival Day

20.Sept The Great Recycling Day
Free workshops, dj’s and music for everyone, diy – express yourself with recycling, swapping & chatting instead of shopping, happy kids & relaxed parents corner.
12-22 Uhr / Wagenburg Löhmuele, Löhmuelestr.17


These workshops all take place between 12-22h at the 20. September at Lohmühle (Lohmühlenstr.17 / 12435 Berlin)

Swap Shop / Tauschladen "Jacke wie Hose"

By Kulturlabor Trial&Error eV
Following this years moto of "sharing", the famous Trial&Error swap shop for one day will leave the cozy rooms of Mareshstraße 10 and inhabit the Löhmuehle Wagenburg. "Bring what you can, take what you need" - clothes, books, ideas, knowledge, or your time, everything is welcome to experience the swap economy and let yourself be surprised by the things You find there!
Time: 12h - 21h

Lockpicking Workshop

By Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik Deutschland e.V. Sportgruppe Berlin
We explain the law, show the basics of nondestructiv opening from locks and after this we open all the own locks for fun. Take a lock with you to the workshop. Recycle the lock. Lockpicking is the art of opening a lock without damaging it or using a key. It’s a sport now, believe or not! At this workshop you can learn how to pick basic locks through instruction and hands-on practice. You can try to lock many varieties of locks, and the end of the day you can become a real master of lockpicking – but in a good way.
Time: 14-20h

Brief Permaculture introduction + practical

By N.E.W. Loops
Lets discover the principles and ethics of permaculture with a fun practical example. N.E.W. LOOPS is a new organization working to trigger changes in our society towards a more natural, efficient, sustainable and enjoyable way of living. In this workshop you can get to know better how it’s works, and get some practical advices about it!
Time: 16-22h

Participatory Installation Art

By Ann Antidote & Joana de Melo Sampaio
We propose an interactive installation, where you are invited to bring and incorporate environmental related objects. Be a part of an art installation! Joana Sampaio and Ann Antidote make an interactive installation with organic materials, and with the participants, who want to be a part of something big and communal art action.
Time: 12h-22h

Bookbinding with BOX PUBLISHING

By Joana and cardboard Publisher
In the workshop, the participants learn how to turn Screened cardboard and all sorts of things that are otherwise rather thrown away, books. Here, creativity is no limit and each book is unique. Our texts are published under Creative Commons and are thus accessible to all.

Textile recycling fun with ReFash

By Milena and ReFash
ReFash promotes individualism and creativity in styling and fashion. They want to see more unique looks and excentric outfits They like to have a second look, to recognize potential and to give clothes a second chance. If you think that some of your clothes went out fashion, this girls can show you a totally new way of perspective. THeir moto is: styling through vinatge shopping and up-cycling!

Fermentation Intro to Kombucha and Soda Pops

By Edible Alchemy
Edible Alchemy - You can eat the science.  Did you ever think that the things you eat could be alive and good for you? Fermentation is a natural process of breaking down microorganisms of a product. We eat and drink more fermented things than we think we do. Yogurt, wine, beer, saurkraut, sourdough bread, kefir and cheese are only some examples of fermented things in peoples regular diets. We will explore other compounds of bacteria that are beneficial to ones health and everyday living. Ginger-beer, soda pops and Kombucha  Learn how to make some of these fermented things and get your own kombucha SCOBY to take home like a pet and have a life-long supply of healthy ferments made to your liking!
Time: 14-19h

Plant Swap

By Kulturlabor Trial&Error eV
Do you feel that something missing from your living room? Always feel that you forget to watering something, but you don’t know what? Now, this will be your place to adopt a friendly plant, bring home, and take care of it. But on the contrary: if you can’t step to your appartement because of the tons of potted flowers, bring them to the festival, and they will surely find a lovely home!
Time: 12-21h

DIY Makeitpedia Workshop

Makeitpedia is a platform where we can collect the knowledge about DIY practices, urban gardening, low-tech, self-sufficiency and upcycling methods with illustrations to make a real encyclopedia of this. It’s made by you, the people who wants to live in a more conscious, practical and healthy society. Let’s share the knowledge, this is the most focused topic of the festival this year.

DIY Fruit dryers workshop

Not every fruit or vegetable that you like would be available around the year, but it won’t be a problem anymore! Drying food such as fruit and vegetables to keep for later use is one of the oldest and most simple ways of preserving food. Solar food drying is the best way to prereserve fruits, and now you can learn how it works!

One Less Hole Workshop

By Isabella and One Problem Less
Stains or moths got the better of your favourite jumper? Don't fret and don't through it away. Here is a fun and easy way to repair your woollen garments. It is quick and it is fun. You can also use it to embellish your woollens or just give them a new look by adding colour to it. Come and we show you how easy it is. You can also buy the kit which will help you recycle all the other clothes you might have at home and haven‘t worn in a long time.
Time: 13-18h

Experimental rag knit

By Runa 'Babaruna' Juhanisdotter
Learn how easy one makes yarn out of old clothes and knits cool jewelry and ornaments. Enhance with fun trash.
Time: 14-18h

Upcycled Notebook Workshop

By Loesje
I would like to teach people how to make an instant notebook with a Loesje style :) Come and learn how to recycle Loesje posters creatively into a notebook that allow you to add or remove pages later.


All these artists will play between 12-22h at the 20. September at Lohmühle (Lohmühlenstr.17 / 12435 Berlin)

Bencina Disturbo

Snappy & cool spanish punk-rock from Berlin. They will come with their unplugged session to the festival.
Zeit: 15-16h

Romano Licker

He is a classic singer songwriter, with catchy-blues songs, and mesmerising ballads follow each other.
Zeit: 16-17h

Agnethe Melchiorsen

A female singer-songwriter, with jazzy sounds and clever lyrics, yes, she is our own Fiona Apple!
Zeit: 17-18h

Silvio Talamo

Pop songs with a guitar, from a real storyteller from Italy.
Zeit: 18-19h

Evan Golde

Dreamy summer house and trance music for these days of September.
Zeit: 19-20h

Ray Mann

Where are the sensitive r'n'b boys?? Really. Do you remember Craig David? Forget him, we got the soulful Ray now!
Zeit: 20-21h


Lohmühle (Main Festival Location)
Wagenburg Lohmühle / Lohmühlenstrasse 17 / 12435 Berlin


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